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In the sort of romantic scenario you think only exists on Netflix, one woman has shared the sweet story of how she met her boyfriend – after the pair previously exchanged glances on their work commute.

The woman – who goes by the name of Seattle – explains that she took the same number 70 to work one day.

She noticed a man sitting across from her with who she felt a connection – but the pair never exchanged details.

In a bid to find him, Seattle, 24, updated her Tinder profile with a missed connection – asking him to get in touch.

It said: “I made eye contact and smiled at a guy on bus 70 in Nov 2019 and again Jan 2020, if you’re him, super like, thanks.”

As luck would have it, she matched with the man, who it emerged is called Greg, and he revealed he had also noticed her too – hurrah!

His opening message said: “Okay this might be embarrassing…but could you be talking about me in your bio?

“I used to ride the 70 on my way to Fred Hutch. Definitely remember your face (the super cute redhead with the nosering).

“I feel like we made eye contact once or twice, and if we did I 100% would have smiled at you!

“If yes, I would love to grab a drink or something and (finally get to meet you. And if not, I’m mortified.”

Seattle replied: “Hahaha, not embarrassing because it was 100% totally about you and I truly did not think I would ever find you. Hello Greg! I’d love to get a drink.”

Since then, it seems like the pair are still dating – and everything is going well.

In a follow-up video, the 24-year-old said: “So here’s the story of Greg, the bus buy. Back in 2019, we made eye contact on the bus.

“It got to his stop and he got off, looked back to the window, looked directly at me, smiled and shook his head.

“Instantly I knew I had to know who this guy was. Fast forward two months in the future, I was on the bus again, we made eye contact again but it was just at my stop and I panicked.

“I didn’t know what to do so I just quickly jumped off the bus and instantly regretted it because I was like ‘argh, I should have talked to this guy.

“Prior to putting anything on my Tinder profile, I thought maybe I’ll put something on Missed Connections.

“I talked to so many friends about it…like, how do you meet a guy that you’ve never met?

“So I put it in my Tinder profile, he found me and we went on a date.

“It was 11 hours long, the date after that was nine hours and the date after that…another 11 hours. Needless to say, we really like hanging out.

“That’s kind of how I knew it would be something longer than just a hangout.

Naturally, people loved her account – with many urging her to read ‘One Day in December’ by Josie Silver.

One viewer joked: “This is a much healthier version of the plot of the book One Day in December’, where the main character Laurie falls in love with a man she glimpses through a misted-up bus window.

Another wrote: “The best relationship story I’ve ever heard in my life.”